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Salzburg had to be satisfied with 0:0 in Belgrade

The level of the match was seamlessly adapted to the dreary atmosphere in the Rajko-Mitic Stadium. The spectators got to see a match without big highlights.

Belgrade – Red Bull Salzburg may hope for their first participation in the Football Champions League in the eleventh attempt. Austria’s series champion reached 0:0 in the play-off first leg away against Red Star Belgrade on Tuesday, the return leg will take place on 29 August in Wals-Siezenheim.

Triste atmosphere, match without big highlights

The level of the match was seamlessly adapted to the dull atmosphere at the Rajko-Mitic Stadium. Due to the UEFA punishment for racist abuse of Red Star fans against the Lithuanian representative Marijampole at the end of July, only 200 spectators were admitted to the 55,000-strong arena, where they were given a match without any major highlights.

The Serbian champion left the initiative to the Salzburgers on slippery terrain for the time being, renounced high pressing and was above all intent on a safe defensive. The “bulls”, on the other hand, had little or nothing to think of with the high proportion of possession of the ball, which resulted in a stalemate.

So it took until the 20th minute before the first shot on goal was fired – Zlatko Junuzovic tested Red Star Goalie Milan Borjan with a harmless Aufsitzer. Daniel Wolf (25th) and Reinhold Yabo (45th) then shot far past the goal. On the other side Branko Jovicic clearly missed the goal (39th).

After the side change, a shot from El Fardou hissed past the bar by a narrow margin (49th), Salzburg responded with a long-range shot parried by Borjan by Xaver Schlager (51st), who had been substituted for the break for Junuzovic, who was suffering from muscle problems. In the 57th minute, Red Bull goalkeeper Cican Stankovic had to stretch on a cross from Filip Stojkovic. In this phase, the Salzburgers lost the game and the harmlessness in the offensive was joined by more and more lack of concentration in the build-up game and in the defense.

Nikola Stojiljkovi Honours


  • Serbian Cup: 2014–15
  • Taça de Portugal: 2015–16


  • Serbian SuperLiga Team of the Season: 2014–15

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On both sides fight and spasm reigned

Nevertheless, only once – in the 70th minute – did things get really dicey. After a corner, Stankovic could only parry a Milos Degenek header on instalments, a few seconds later Nikola Stojiljkovic headed over the crossbar from about eight meters. After that, the danger of scoring was already over, on both sides fight and cramp reigned paired with the fear of a goal. Only in the 90th minute Stankovic had to intervene with a fist defense at a chance of Veljko Simic.

In the end, the score was 0:0, which meant that Salzburg did not win the eighth match of the season for the first time. Red Star, on the other hand, has been unbeaten for 26 games apart from a defeat in a Cup penalty shoot-out. Casino of Dreams has a free spins every Friday which is part of their bonuses!

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“Gogo out” shouts overshadowed Rapids 3-1 victory over Steaua

Despite the 3-1 win in the play-off first leg, Rapid coach Goran Djuricin was in the line of fire of the green-and-white fans. The next Wacker opponent is in a state of unrest.

Vienna – Rapid celebrated a victory on Thursday that could bring the club several million Euros. The 3-1 win against Steaua Bucharest opened the door to seventh participation in the group stage of the Europa League, and yet much of the action turned off the pitch afterwards. Coach Goran Djuricin was in the line of fire of the green and white fan scene.

Even before the kickoff, Rapid-Ultras had handed out notes at Block West, on which Djuricin and the entire presidium were criticised. The letter ended with the words “Gogo out”. In the 45th minute, the organized fan scene gave emphasis to their concern with “Gogo raus” banners and shouts – and that at the score of 2:0 against the Romanian record champion.

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Posters did not influence performance

Promptly the second half started with a top chance for Steaua, in the 47th minute the Romanians scored the away goals. “But the posters didn’t affect our performance in the second half,” said captain Stefan Schwab, who made it 3-1 in the 49th minute.

The midfielder said he didn’t see much or anything of the fan action. “I only saw one poster,” Schwab said. His colleagues Mario Sonnleitner, Thomas Murg and Christoph Knasmüllner even said in unison that they had not at all noticed the demand for a Djuricin dismissal.

Sport managing director Fredy Bickel spoke in connection with the fan protests of a “very unfavorable moment. So shortly before the break you have the pictures in your head, although you might want to discuss something else. That certainly wasn’t much help.”

Djuricin himself held back perfectly with statements about the causa. When asked about the banners and chants, the 43-year-old said: “Out of respect for my team, I ask for your understanding not to answer this question, at least not today, because I have to take care of the sports, and that was work enough. It is important to me that I can look in the mirror. I work 24 hours for Rapid, that’s the most important thing.”

Special praise for Strebinger

The Viennese player preferred to talk about the performance of his team. “Our performance was very strong in the first half. We almost always attacked at the front and missed two huge chances”. Djuricin complained that in the second half you should have played some counter-opportunities better, but admitted: “In the end I’m glad that we kept the 3:1.” This means that the starting position for the return leg in Bucharest is “relatively good”.

According to Djuricin, this is mainly thanks to Goalie Richard Strebinger, who destroyed some of the top chances of the guests. For the goalkeeper there was also special praise from the other players. “I can’t remember a single serious mistake he made in the last year and a half. He is clearly a national team goalie,” Schwab explained. Players of Swag Bingo can get opportunities of winning a progressive or guaranteed jackpot here.

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Rapid after 3:1 with good starting position in EL play-off

Rapid Vienna has established a good starting position for its entry into the group phase of the European Football League. Knasmüllner, Sonnleitner and Schwab scored for Rapid. Veton Berisha saw the yellow-red card in the 83rd minute.

Vienna – Rapid Wien has a good chance of the seventh participation in the Europa League group phase. On Thursday, the green-whites won the play-off first leg against Steaua Bucharest 3-1 (2-0). Christoph Knasmüllner (4.), Mario Sonnleitner (39.) and Stefan Schwab (48.) scored for Rapid. For Bucharest, Harlem Gnohere (47.) scored the 2:1 victory in the meantime.

Game started without big scanning

The return leg will take place next Thursday in Bucharest. With a strong performance the team of coach Goran Djuricin inflicted the first defeat on Steaua after eight undefeated matches. In front of 19,300 spectators, Djuricin bet on the team that won 4-0 against Slovan Bratislava last week. Captain Stefan Schwab, who dropped out at the weekend, was also fit again.

On the grass the game started without much feeling. Even before Rapids early lead there were smaller chances on both sides. After a corner for the Romanians Rapid took the lead after an exemplary counterattack in the fourth minute. Marvin Potzmann put Thomas Murg in with a nice change pass, Murg played Knasmüllner and the hero of the Slovan game scored well for the 1-0 lead.

Rapid then withdrew and left Steaua in control. Rapid was safe most of the time and the Romanians didn’t have much of a goal chance. Filipe Teixeira missed the only chance to equalise with a volley shot after a corner and a small mistake by Richard Strebinger (20.). The Rapid-Tormann made up for his misfortune with a strong parade.

Filipe Teixeira Honours

Paris Saint-Germain

  • Coupe de France: 2003–04

West Bromwich Albion

  • Championship: 2007–08

Astra Giurgiu

  • Liga I: 2015–16
  • Supercupa României: 2016
  • Cupa României: Runner-up 2016–17


  • UEFA European Under-18 Championship: 1999

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Mostly dangerous after counter-attacks

After about half an hour Rapid came up stronger again. However, the green-whites became mostly dangerous after counter-attacks. Striker Deni Alar then missed three good chances. First after a hook (25.) from the right, then by head to Schwab flank (31.) and finally after a dribbling (38.). The second goal was scored after a standard situation.

Sonnleitner turned after a corner of Knasmüllner by head in the 39th minute to 2:0. The hard core of the Rapid fans could not be calmed by the strong performance, however. Immediately before the break whistle they presented a banner “if the presidency is silent, the curve must become louder”, followed by “Gogo raus” shouts. This meant coach Djuricin, who had already been verbally attacked by the Rapid-Ultras before the start of the game. In an open letter distributed in front of the stadium, the fan group challenged “Gogo!

Rapid in the final phase with luck

After a double exchange, the Romanians came out of the cabin with a lot of momentum. The substitute Florinel Coman already had a good chance a few seconds after the restart, in the 47th minute Steaua scored the following goal. Gnohere converted a submission from Alexandru Stan from close range.

Rapid, however, quickly found the right answer. Two minutes later, after Murg’s defensive input from just outside the sixteen, Schwab increased the score to 3-1 with a bit of luck. However, the Viennese did not get the game under control with their two goal advantage. An open exchange of blows developed. Also Rapid did not stand compact despite the comfortable lead. BetSpin is probably one of the most modern and up to date online casinos that you will come across.

Steaua had better chances than before the break. In the 73rd minute Strebinger saved after a cross against Teixeira and Coman. In the final phase Rapid still had to tremble for the two-goal lead. First, Veton Berisha saw the yellow-red card in the 83rd minute after repeated fouls. Then Raul Rusescu (89th) missed a good chance and finally Coman hit the crossbar in the 90th minute.


Important points to consider when hosting an event at a restaurant

Many people grapple with the challenge of finding a good venue for their events. Through this article, we want to solve your problem. Depending on the type of event you want to host, we can confidently tell you that a restaurant will be your best host because it provides more flexibility than many other venues.

However, before you decide on the restaurant to use, there are a couple of important points you must take into consideration. We look at some of them below.

1 Will it be available on the chosen date?


Because a lot of restaurant business is seasonal depending on the location of the restaurant, the timing of your event is usually important. Therefore, once you have your event date set, check and double check with the restaurant to find out if there will be space and book it early.

2 Are their costs negotiable?

pexels-photo-567633 (1)

Different restaurants charge different rates for hosting events and these rates can sometimes be high. It’s however worth noting that some of these costs can be negotiated downwards therefore before you let go of a good venue, do a bit of negotiating.

3 Is the layout good?


The layout of the venue is important because it dictates how your sitting arrangements will be. It’s therefore a good idea to have your sitting arrangements in mind before booking a venue or ensuring that your arrangements can be adjusted to the layout of the venue.

4 Will you have privacy?


Restaurants are usually open to other customers therefore unless you are booking the entire restaurant, you should always be aware of the fact that you may need to share the space with other customers. It’s therefore important for you to find out how much privacy the venue will offer before you book it.

5 When to provide the final count?


Most restaurants will charge depending on the number of people you have at your event therefore it’s a good idea to know whether the restaurant will still charge you in spite of an unexpected low turnout or whether they will adjust their bill downwards in such a scenario. Discuss with the restaurant on when it needs the final head count.

All these are points you should have figured out long before the event.


Events – What to look out for in a good restaurant

Many people prefer hosting their events at restaurants because such events stand out. It’s no secret however that hosting an event at a restaurant doesn’t guarantee you success as there’s plenty that can go wrong if you pick the wrong restaurant as your host.

We are therefore going to look at what to look out for in a good restaurant.

The right location is key


When hosting an event at a restaurant, you want a venue that is convenient s terms of accessibility, privacy, and a location that suits the kind of event you are hosting. It’s therefore very necessary for you to do your due diligence to ensure that you pick the right location.

The atmosphere is important too


When hosting an event, you must always factor in the diversity of your guests whether it’s cultural, religious and so on. This therefore means that the atmosphere in the venue must be neutral to avoid incensing some of your guests.

The food must be right


In most occasions, part of the package you will get when selecting a restaurant to host your event is the provision of catering services. Before you include this in your package, be sure to try out their food and ensure that it’s food your guests will appreciate.


The customer service should be great


The first point of contact for your guests when they arrive at the venue will be the hotel staff. It’s therefore important for them to have great customer service so that they handle your guests right. Your guests will associate this great level of service to your event.

Once you identify a restaurant that checks all these boxes, be sure to book it early because chances are pretty high that it’s in very high demand.

We trust that this info has taken a huge burden off your shoulder.


This is why a natural diet is good for you

When planning an event at a hotel that will involve hosting diverse people with different tastes and preferences, it’s important for you to do a bit of background check to understand who your guests will be. This is especially important as far as diet is concerned because more and more people are beginning to adopt a more natural diet over the common processed stuff.

The preference for going natural has mainly been attribute to its benefits on a person’s health and this should therefore tell you that your guests will never compromise on their diet. We are therefore going to briefly look at three reasons why a natural diet is good for you and why it should always be part of the diet offered at your event.

They are free of chemicals


Natural foods will rarely need to be processed or preserved using chemicals therefore making them pure and highly nutritious. They also protect people from illnesses caused by consuming chemical preservatives which can sometimes be toxic. You are therefore going to be doing your event guests a really good service by ensuring that your cuisine factors in a lot of natural foods in it.

It has essential nutrients


As mentioned earlier, all natural foods are usually highly nutritious with very essential nutrients that promote good health of various bodily functions. Of most significance are the benefits to the digestive and circulatory systems which are very necessary for other important bodily functions because they involve the processing, absorption and distribution of nutrients to all other body parts.

It has the right amount of calories


The best type of food is one that has the right amount of calories, neither too high nor too low. Therefore, best way to guarantee this is through consuming natural foods. These ensure the extra benefit of being able to control your weight, through regulating your sugar and fat intake which has tremendous health benefits.

With this information, you will better understand why a significant number of your guests will require a natural diet available to them.